Every year the Fargo Open host the best grapplers from North                        Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota & Canada.   


Fargo Open Rules and Regulations [Modified EBI Rules]

Ways a Match can be Won:

Win via Submission victory within regulation time.

Win in Overtime: victory by submission, fastest submission time, or fastest escape time.

Win by opponent disqualification.

Win via opponent forfeiture. Submission is based upon physical tapping, a verbal tap, or yelling during a submission attempt. If an opponent must have the match stopped for any injury related incident or any other reason beyond control that does not warrant any disqualifications, the opponent will have 5 mins to return to the match or they will have to forfeit the match.

MATCH TIME LIMITS Adult Regulation time: 10 Min Matches at all skill levels. Teen Regulation time: 8 min matches at all skill levels Youth regulation time: 4 min matches at all skill levels. Overtime time limits: there is no time limit in overtime rounds. Time will run until an escape or submission is obtained.

  1.                                                                            OVERTIME RULES:
    Any match whose regulation time ends without a submission immediately moves into Overtime with no
    break or time outs. Any competitor who cannot answer the call to immediately participate in the overtime
    round will be disqualified.
    In Overtime, competitors may choose between 2 dead zone positions described below.
           1. The Arm Bar position.
    Each position must have arms hooked, crook of elbow to crook of elbow. The opponent defending the
    position may have their arms in any defense configuration they desire.

           2. Back Control with Seatbelt Grip
    Competitors will begin in a seated back control position upright with both hooks and a seat belt grip. The
    opponent may have their hands in place on the seat belt grip and chin tucked before ref begins the round.
    Once round begins the body triangle may be applied but not before.

                                                                                SUBMISSION SHOOTOUT
    During the overtime rounds opponents are trying to submit or escape as fast as possible. Both opponents
    will have a chance to submit their opponent from the dead zone of their choosing. The opponent who
    obtains a submission wins the match, or in the case of 2 submissions the fastest submission wins the
    In the event of no Submissions, another round will ensue… if again no submissions, the fastest combined
    escape time wins.

Special Awards For:

Fastest Submission

School With the Most Points

Absolute No-Gi Champion

Absolute Gi Champion